May 27, 2010

It's hard.
Seeing someone that you adore has got someone else.'s weird. It's changed.

Well..I'm not hoping for something. For sure.


Aaron Fournier said...

It's really hard to see someone you love with someone else :( There was a girl I got really close to last year, but she is seeing someone else now and while I'm happy to see she's happy with the person she's with, I sometimes have these confusing feelings where I just feel really sad about it... :/

Anindita Alkarisya said...

oh I see. just be strong, Aaron. i know it's hard. just try to move on and think, "there are still so many girls in this world". i always think so when I got that 'broken heart syndrome' feeling. hahaha, good luck anyway ;)

Aaron Fournier said...

Thanks! You are definitely right and for some reason, I feel a lot better now about it than when I originally made my post.