May 27, 2010

It's the late night post again!

Night, surfers!
Still up?
Me too!

Anyway it's already in the middle of the night and i'm feeling so damn hungry.
Doesn't a plate of spaghetti enough for you, huh?
Well, i have to lose my weight.
I have to be slim.
So the thing is.....i don't need to eat something.

Ngomong2, i've just visited some blogs. And mostly the blogs that i visited were sooo damn gorgeous! Especially the layouts! No no no, the blog is cool too. Everything's cool. Oh maaaaan.

And i really want to know how to make my blog become gorgeous too. But line it, i don't wanna be a copycat. I have my own ideas. In my brain---well, if it works. Lol, not like that actually.

Because it's already late, would you guys let me mix the post. I's mixed. Keluar jalur mungkin, bahasanya. Dari kalimat2 sebelumnya. So, would you? Pleaseee
I miss my friends badly. It's been so long. It's been so long since i'd finished the whole exams.
Plus, gue ga ikut ke dufan.
That's the biggest thing yg gue sesali. Gue kangen temen2 dan gue ga ikut ke dufan. Is there any connetion between that? Kayanya ada ya...

Well, biarinlah. Mungkin gue bisa ikut acara ngumpul2 selanjutnya. Makannya Relacss, ayo ngumpul! Oh dan bentar lg udah.....perpisahan. Gosh.

Time goes so fast.. Yep. It does. Rasanya baru kemaren gue masuk SMP, bentar lagi gue mau masuk SMA. *sigh*....
Mudah2an dpt temen2 yg heboh lg deh ha hi hu he ho.

Udahan ah nostalgianya. Capek. Pegel. Laper. Lemah. Lunglai. Ngantuk. Rapuh.

Good night, Depok. Sleep tight..

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