June 11, 2010

Blogwalking To The Old Blog

Hello guys.
Guess what I did?
Hahaha gue main ke blog lama gue.
Lol can't stop laughing.

Sumpah ya isi blog gue yg itu tuh....jayus bgt semuanya haha. Garing. Ga mutu. Norak. Lebay. Ih. Sumpah deh. Haha bocaaaah bgt deh itu ya every posts there made me laugh. Not laughed because funny, but laughed because thinking, "how stupid was I when I...".


Well not that bad actually haha. Till now, i'm still reading it. Kinda funny. I really-really-really-really a 'blogworm' when I was in the 8th grade. Guess what? I'd written so many posts there. More than 100. And I've told you, isinya ga mutu semua. Haha but I still love it. I remember how happy I was when there's someone who commented on my post. Then, my hard work to searched for designs. And I really love did some blogwalking. Well, actually till now I still love doing the blogwalking thing :p

And uhm...I don't know what to say again but I quite love my old blog too even the contents are sooooo boring haha but just enjoy if you read the posts.

Happy Blogwalking ;)

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