June 3, 2010

Changes, I Need Some

Well, who needs changes?
Mostly, all of you will need changes, even just a bit.
And now everything's getting weird in my eyes because of the changes.

I don't know, is it true that the changes make everything seems weird.
Or....is there anything else that causes the weird impact?
Who knows? God knows.

Yes, this time I need those kind of changes.
But I need the changes in the past time to make a good impact for now.
I had done so many wrong things in the past, and now....i can feel the bad impact.
I can't turn back the time.
So, all I can do now is just facing the impacts and regretting.
That's not good. Regretting something that's already happened.
No one can turn back the time. So, all we gotta do is just be thankful of anything that's already given from God to us.

No, i'm not gonna regret for something that's already in my hands. I have to be thankful. Yes. Thank God for everything that You've given to me. This is the best for me.


P.S: So, now I don't need changes in the past again. I need changes for my future!


Aaron Fournier said...

I definitely need some changes in my life. I'm trying to work on those changes right now. Good luck on the changes that will affect your future and that they will make you the happiest you can be :)

Anindita Alkarisya said...

Haha thanks. Good luck for the changes that you're trying to work on now. Hope we both can be better because of the new changes in our life :D

Aaron Fournier said...

You're welcome! And thanks! I hope the same :)