June 16, 2010

Go Germany!

Which team do you support this world cup 2010?
I support Germany!!
God, i'm a big fan of Germany since i knew about football. Since 2002!

And, did you watch the match between Germany vs. Australia? I didn't :( buuuut I watched the re-run match hahaha!
Oh my God, they are so cool! 4-0 for them! I have so many reasons why do I like them. But the first reason why do I like Germany is, they don't rely on one player. All of them have talents. Well, this is only my thought. Do you think so?

About the favorite player. Hmm i absolutely have some from Germany. Hehe here they are:

1. Miroslav Klose. Haha I like him since the 2002 World Cup. I thought, he won't be a player again in this 2010 World Cup but....he's still a player till now! Aaa go Klose go!!

om gue :p

2. Thomas Müller. That was the 1st time I saw him on the match between Germany vs Australia yesterday. I like him because, he's handsome 0,0 haha and...if i'm not mistaken...he made a goal for Germany on that match. Hmmm is that... true? I forgot actually. Beside, he's still young!! He's still 21 years old this year, on the 13th of September.

3. Marko Marin. Again, that was the first time I saw him on the match between Germany vs Australia yesterday and I like him because he's handsome. And young!!!! He's in the same age with Müller. Still 21 years old! Haha

Nah haha how about you? Which team do you support and who are your favorite players? I've told you about my favorites haha go Germany go Germany go! Be the winner ;)

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