June 30, 2010

Goodbye June, Welcome July!

Well, I think it's too fast cause it's still June. But yeah, tomorrow's already July. So, i'm not wrong right? :p. Okay, let's just make some wishes.

God, I wish July could be.....
  • Better than June, although I think June's the best month ever :p
  • My luckiest month.
  • In this month, I could get the best high school for me and my future.
  • In this month also, I could get the good new friends, new school, new class, new uniform, new teachers, and so on.
  • And all the good wishes that I can't write here..


Anindita Alkarisya said...

test test

Aaron Fournier said...

I hope your July wishes are coming true! :)

On a side note, June went by for me as well xD