June 7, 2010

Graduation Day!

Hello guys. Not a perfect timing to post like this cause....it's already late for me -_- well hope you guys won't think that this post is already "basi" or kinda like that and i hope you guys still want to continue reading this post hehe.

So, continue. Are you guys asking like this, "what is she gonna tell us in this post huh? why does she think that this post's gonna be "basi"? ergh.." in your heart? Hope no. Cause i think you can guess what i'm gonna tell you by reading the title. Haven't read the title yet? What? How poor.. Okay, im gonna give you....3 secs to read the title! So quick!!!


Quick! Time's up!!!! Okay.

So now, you've known what I'm gonna tell ya rite? Yep. Graduation day! And this is the story...

On thursday, 3rd of june, i had to come to my school's graduation day. Actually..before that day came I always thought, "mostly, 9graders in every school's already had their graduation day. Not long after the school exams. Why does my school must be this late?". But after that day came, i now realize and think, "how fast it's been. i've got the year book and i almost be in high school world". Waw. It's really unbelievable.

I woke up quite late, at almost 6! And the graduation would begin at 7.30. I took a quick shower, wore the clothes, and had a bfast in the car.

Because dad had to teach, and the time was running out, gue sama nyokap diturunin di depan junction. How embarrass was I. Dressed like that and waited for the taxi, di pinggir jalan! Gila...serasa diliatin sm org2 gue *pede*.

Then, mom and I wore the make up in the taxi. Oh, i've got 1 thing to say, lipstick tastes not good. For me. Ew, it feels as if there's something on your lips. Yea maybe....someday, I won't think that lipstick isn't this bad.. Why? Because someone says, women and lipsticks are hard to be separated. Um, is that true?

Next, I arrived at the destination. Finally, I and my mom didn't late. After find the seats, I was so surprised because all of my friends were dressed totally different! Especially for the girls! All of you were so beautiful, gals. And yap. It's kinda like that. Here are some photos that I have..

totally different and beautiful, Fadhila Amalia. Taken by: Anggie Fiscarina

yaw this is me! *yawning* :D taken by my mum

omg! whose kid is she??? so cute!

wah lengkap nih dari absen 1-6 ada! meskipun ga urut -_-

beautiful angels from heaven O:3

kami, warga depok yg bahagia (kecuali yg disensor di belakang)

pink girls are hottt

white, cream, and yellow girls are hot too!

kami, warga depok yang menginginkan jalan menuju komplek kami dibenahi (?)

teman senasib dalam....percintaan. eh gak deng

with our b♥d physic's teacher, Mr. Andika yang gaul! thanks for all ur helps sir!!

Nah enough for this post. Thanks for reading!

P.S: Anyway, i'm gonna miss all things in @Relacss! Love ya guys!!! Aaaa

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