July 14, 2010


Hey everyone. Wherever you are.
Lately, i'm being so-not-creative.
I lose my ideas, so it's been a long time since I wrote the post.
So sorry if the posts here are so boring. I'm in the progress to get the ideas back.

And now, what are we gonna talk about? Any ideas?
I don't know either. Well, let's just talk randomly.
Actually, I have so many things to talk butttt yeah I forgot em all -_-

Well, lately i'm being so nervous. Because net week, I'm officially a high school student. As I told you on the previous post, I've already got the high school. Things that make me so nervous are, the lessons. I believe that high school's lessons are much harder than junior high school's. Oh my God, hope I can pass this thing perfectly.

Okay enough for this post. See you again when I already get my ideas back. Smooch


Aaron Fournier said...

I know how you feel with regards to not being creative. I go through that a lot when it comes to writing.

Good luck with high school! I'm sure everything will go well :)

Vie said...

I still remember how excited I was during the transition from SMP to SMA. :P

Good luck~

Anindita Alkarisya said...

@aaron: hi long time no see you haha:) well, you're right. till now everything goes well in high school :)

@vie: haha yeah i felt that too. anyway thanku for visiting ;D