August 20, 2010



I've been hibernating for a long time, and now i'm here. Back to my lovely blog.
Well, it's been a long time ya since I posted my last post. I REALLY MISS ALL THINGS ABOUT BLOG~! Well, beside losing some ideas, i also busy with my school-work lately. So many homeworks. No day without (at least) one work to do at home. And yeah, my brain feels like it's broken inside here ):l

About the friends. Well, all of them are my new friends, except Mustika. Oh my God...we've been in the same class for 3 years and plus this year, so it becomes 4 years y'know....Is this what we call..fate? -_-
Mostly, they're from different junior high schools. And yeah, they have their own characters. It's hard to explain it by words. You should see em by yourself, i think :D

And uhm, about the lessons. As i've told you, NO DAY WITHOUT (AT LEAST) A HOMEWORK TO DO. Totally make me feel so bored because of that thing. And, the lessons are getting harder...But yeah, i think it's a normal thing. Okay....I won't complain again because of these things..Skip.

What else do you wanna know about my new school? Just comment on this post ;D

Anyway, we're in fasting month now. I know it's too late but, forgive all my mistakes guys. Semoga bulan Ramadhan ini menjadi berkah bagi kita semua. Semoga puasa kita lancar. Happy fasting guys. Gbu :)

Well, i think that's all. Keep reading my blog guys! C u! \m/


Aaron Fournier said...

Do you like your classes and your teachers? :D

Anindita Alkarisya said...

so far, i like em. but the teachers, yeah y' depends on how they teach us-the students. but well, i'm tryin to love the teachers as i love their lessons ;p hahhaha