August 21, 2010

Whatta lazy day...

Hi guys! How are you? Hope everything's fine.

Well today is Saturday and today means a lazy day for me. Why? Cause today I have nothing to do, don't have to come to school,'s a day for me to watch the dvds or read some comics&novels. Plus, i'm not fasting today. Yeah..because of the girls' thing y'know. I'd got up at 3.30 to have sahur and ta-da. I can't do the fasting today. So, because I'd got up, I decided to have a very early breakfast. Haha and then I decided to sleep again.

Got up again at 9 and watched the tv. Didn't find any interest programs, then I turned on the laptop and yeah, surfed on the internet. And I haven't taken a shower yet since this morning. Until now. Well am starting to feel hungry. Erhh, I should find something to eat..

Anyway, I'm wondering. What if I had a boyfriend like Spiderman?

ready to help people and save the world anytime

Maybe, I'm not the right Mary-Jane.
So many causes. And one of the causes is, I want a normal guy. No need to be a hero or what. Just be himself.

Enjoy your Saturday. Buhbye!


P.S: What do you think about the new signature? \(^o^)/


Aaron Fournier said...

I *LOVE* the new signature :D

Anindita Alkarisya said...

wahowwww thanks a lot! ;D