September 19, 2010

Hi guys, it's a mobile post. Yep, i'm making this post via my phone.

Well, the thing that makes me wanna do the blogging thing via my phone is because, i've got an insomnia. Actually, it's not an insomnia. I just can't continue my sleep. Is that an insomnia? o,o

So the story is, today my sister is going back to Surabaya, which makes my mood turned to bad cause she hasn't taught me physics yet. Rrrgh. Plus, my mom accompanies her to Sby. They went to the airport @ 4a.m and they woke me up. And my dad accompanies them to the airport. So now, i'm in my house only w/ granny. Waw.

Since then, no matter how hard i've tried to close my eyes, I can't sleep. So, I decided to tweet something to my twitter. My timeline was all things about football match. I felt like I wanna go outside my room and watched the TV but yeah, i was too lazy for it.

And now, it's already 06.10 a.m, and still i'm not feeling sleepy at all.

Btw, #nowplaying Justin Bieber-Up from my phone. Idk why do I like this song so much. Ay....

Well, i think it's enough. I wish I could have a long time to sleep cause tomorrow i have to go to school T_T. Yeah, i've spent my 2-weeks holiday and it wasn't enough at all for me. Haih. Anyway, bye. See ya


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