September 9, 2010


Hey surfers, still up?
It's already 12:27 AM in WIB time. Well then, good morning :3

I don't know what should I talk about here but the only one thing that's been on my mind since this morning (or yesterday morning) is I wanna make a post in my blog. Isn't that lovely? Hahaha :>

Few days ago, my sister came from Surabaya. She studies there, at Universitas Airlangga and yeah she's a new student. It's funny how I listened to all of her stories about all the college stuffs. It feels like it's just yesterday she studied hard, and didn't want to have fun at all before she got the university. It feels it's just yesterday when she yelled loudly and told me that she found her name 'there' on the list. Well, a month is just too short. Totally a short time.

And uhm, if a month is short, how about 3 months? How about 6 months? How about a year? How about 20 years? It can be short. In our minds. Don't you think so? It feels as if time goes fast in our minds. Suddenly things have changed. And yea, everything.

So? What do you get from all of these things?


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