January 15, 2011

The first post in 2011 (don't shout 'bo-ring'!)

Well, though it's kinda lame (totally), I'd like to say, Happy New Year, guys! New year, new spirit! Haha bener ga? Bener dong..

Uh-k, i thank a lot to 2010 for the memories. Even the worst ones. lol.
2010 was such a surprise to me.
Why so?
Haha well, there were soooo many unexpected things happened that year. I'm not talking about the past (well actually, i am. I know that) but just mark it, I look at the past and take the lessons from the mistakes i made so that I won't do those mistakes or even the 'new ones' in the future. Haha wise banget deh....

And, the most important one to me was...UN. Haha or let's say, Ujian Nasional. That was the 1st time I must did national exam to graduate from jhs. Then, how I felt after did the exam. And also, how was my feeling while waiting for the result.

And many other things. The point is, 2010 was amazing. Lol it's not that amazing actually.

How about 2011? Will it be as amazing as 2010? Or maybe, will it be more amazing? Hope so! Hahaaha.

Udahan ah, ketemu di post selanjutnya ya ;)


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