March 21, 2011

Dude, a week isn't enuff for a holiday!

Hi there! Hi! Hi! HIII!!!

Guess what! I'm in my holidayyyyy ngyahahaha but it's only a week cause well, it's not officially a holiday cause my seniors are having uas and then we (as the 10th graders, or even 11th) still have so many homeworks to do!! Eeeww it's totally not a holiday. Totally not!

The definition of holiday by me:
A holiday is a day/days when u'r free from what you outta do. No matter what. All you gotta do is only sleeping, refreshing, and having fun.

Mehehe dontcha think so?

Well, so in this holiday I've done most of my school ass(ignment)s. But hell no with physics or math. Physics, uhm yeah..I've done almost half of it. But math...heh! I even haven't touched the book yet. Yeaah. Yeah. Uuuuyyyyeeeahhhh!!! (Omg, what's goin on with me?)

The saddest thing is, this a-week-holiday is almost ovah. Today is Monday. And on Thursday, I have to go back to school!!! Huhuhuhueeee *digging a hole* *bury myself innit* Hell no!! Mommy I don't wanna meet physics on Thursday! But there's a music lesson on that day! *grinning*. But still, mommy, there's physics on that day and there's math on Friday! Oh mommy oh mommy oh! *crying like a baby*

Ush, so overacted.

Ay, anyway haven't I toldcha abt my first 'theatrical' performances? Lol. Uhk, gonna tell ya on the next post! Xixixi stay tune here guys! \m/

*crying again after realized that i really have to go to school this thursday*


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