March 21, 2011

It's a lil' thing, yet it makes me happy :3

Sooooooo guys.
As I've promised you that I'm gonna tell ya 'the story', well here we go. I'm really gonna tell ya a bedtime story. But don't fall asleep before I've finished my story! Promise? Heh heh heh :D

Sooooo (y do I have to start the paragraph with 'sooo' again? Ah forget it)
The first performance I did was in my english course. Before I graduated, I and my friends had to perform something in front of audiences. Hell yeah, we performed a drama. And guess what character did I get! I got a materialistic monster! Hahahah so random. Uhm if you wanna know the story....well, I don't think I'll tell yall here lol so, just imagine what's the story like hahaha.

And the second was, I got role as a scavenger at xpass in my school. Lol again, I don't wanna tell ya the story here. Justttt imagine what is it like ha-ha-ha!

So, though it's only like that, it's not that easy to act like somebody else. Being a matearilistic monster for example, I had to talk in a heavy voice. The way a big monster talk. So most of the dialog was "hey, give me ur money" like that but I had to say it with a heavy voice, while my real voice is not! Errrrmmmm.....:x
But it's fun! Really! Hahahaha.

Well, that's all. Now share ur story if you have, guys! ;)

Hey! Hey! R u there? Oh no....u've fallen asleep before I've finished my story :<


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