April 3, 2011

Anin the Explorer. Mission #1=Tourist Hunting

Aloha people! How are you doin?

So, you may be speculating now after you saw the title of this post. '"Anin the Explorer. Mission #1=Tourist Hunting"? What's on this clown's mind?!' Or maybe, 'what's this bubble gonna tell me?!'

Sabar sabar.
Just take a seat and read my story as Dora's twin sister or Totally Spies's 4th group member. Enjoy! :3


So, that was March 16th 2011. While I was having a one week holiday, one of extracurriculars in my school, Language Club (LC) made an event named Tourist Hunting (it really reminds me of hunter x hunter -_-). In that event, we have to interview at least 3 tourists in Jalan Jaksa, Old City, and TMII. Bha! This sounds quite same with an activity in my JHS when I was still in 7th grade. But the difference is, when I was in JHS, I had to interview--at least--10 tourists (beh, crazy-_-) and the place was in Jogjakarta. So, I decided to join this kind of activity again in SHS!

At first, I thought it only can be joined by LC's members but fortuuuunately, it didn't matter whether u'r a LC member or not. Fufufufu.

We went there by bus. Oh ya, were divided into groups. And I was in the same group with Naras, Tamara, and Refi. Ngyah!

Sooo, I just couldn't wait to meet tourists. Who knows if I could interview a handsome tourist? :p

Charam! We finally arrived at Jalan Jaksa. And FYI, the sun shined brrrrrightly that afternoon! So so so soooo hot y'know. I felt like I was heaten in an oven -_-. But yeah, it didn't matter. Yeah it did....No, I mean it didn't....Really didn't.
The 1st tourist we interviewed was from Turkey. Well, he looked like a......student. Probably. Actually he looked sooo busy and in a rush (maybe he needed toilet?) but, we kept asking him if we wanted to be interviewed. Jahat ya? Ah ga juga. Eh iya deng, kasian...BUT! Fortunately we got a chance to take a picture with him! Here's the pict :D

i'm the one in the centre :D

Then then theeen, we searched for another tourist. And finally, we saw a couple of best friend. One of them was interviewed by another group. But one of them was not. So we interviewed him. Guess what! He was from England. Yah Engh-land *british accent*. I really adore the way English speak. Don't know why, thou actually it's hard for me to understand -_-.
The 3rd tourist we interviewed was from USA. He's a teacher in Jambi. If i'm not mistaken....he's an English teacher. But well, he more looked like a football player y'know -_-. Anyway he could speak Indonesian a lil bit. Well, here's the picture of us and him :D

So, we had interviewed 3 tourists. But we still wanted to search for some tourists again. Haha. Then we saw a couple who were walking. And we interviewed them! They were from Czech Republic and were having a holiday here. They chose Indonesia from 2 other countries! Hwaaoo great

At 11 a.m we headed to Old City. And again, we interviewed one tourist. Fufufu. I forgot where he was from. Hehe x_x

After interviewed some tourists we just had a free time in Old City. And weee took some photos there. Wanna see them? ;p

These are Naras&Tamara. They don't look like twins right? Of course! They're not twins!!


Charlie's Angels
Then, after took some free time there, our next destination was.....TMII! Yeah TMII.
What did I do there? Well, yeah just like in Old City. Just a free time. Ahyea, we also watched a 3D movie. But the film was soooo random y'know. Yeah, so so sooo random -_-

My friends & I used our free time by taking some photos (again). Ya, ketagihan difoto emang. So here are some photos we took...

"Selamat datang di hotel kami"

Taken by me! :p

Saudara kembar yang terpisah...


So, yeah that's all. Haha I don't even know what to tell again. I have no ideas again -_-

Ok then, see u in the next post! :*


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