May 27, 2011

When You're in Love..

Well, here I am.
Terdampar di kantor ayah, yang agak panjang ceritanya buat diceritain disini's out of our topic tonight.
Sitting here alone still with the dearest gray skirt and watching everyone busy with their works, makes me wonder 'will I be like them in 5 years later?' Waw. Again, it's out of our topic tonight. Well ok, we're gonna talk about this later.

Things that came up to my mind thru this cold and lonely night is about love.
So, marilah remaja muda-mudi Indonesia, kita menggaul bersama! Eh salah, maksudnya menggalau. Yah maapin aja lah ya wis bengi ki, jadi mata udah sliwer -_-.

Well, this is a limited edition post (I should say) because....I'm not that interested to write this such things here. LOL.

So guys, what do you feel when you're in love?
Based on many people's experiences, I can make some conclusions:
1. When you're in love you always think about 'the-one-that-you-love' (let's say TOTYL) everytime, everyday, and everywhere.
2. When you're in love you only have love songs in your Playlists
3. When you're in love you always want to look at one point, where TOTYL is.
4. When you're in love you meet TOTYL in ur dreams
5. When you're in love you want to be much more handsome/beautiful so that TOTYL will be interested to you.
6. When you're in love you'll search all ways to get closer to TOTYL.
7. When you're in love you'll search TOTYL's number or pin or twitter or facebok or msn or y!m or all social networks TOTYL have.
8. When you're in love you always want TOTYL to love you back.
9. When you're in love you've got no brave at all to look at TOTYL's eyes.
10. When you're in love you'll feel like you're in heaven.
And so on...

Intinya, cuma TOTYL yang ada di pikiran lo.

But that's before you meet this, the thing that's never gonna be wanted by everyone who's falling in love, being broken-hearted.

Isn't that suck?
So, I've got some conclusions too about being broken hearted.
1. Being broken-hearted is so pathethic.
2. Being broken-hearted is tiring.
3. Being broken-hearted makes you hate TOTYL.
4. Being broken-hearted makes you want to forget all things about TOTYL, which is so hard for you to do it.
5. Being broken-hearted makes you wanna kick TOTYL's ass.
And other blah-blah-blahs.

But, thou loving someone is full of risks, nobody gets tired of being in love.
I mean, most of us.

Humans are born with love. And that's been our way to loving. Loving is a beautiful gift from God. We just have to thank God and accept that beautiful gift :)

So, ready to start loving and take all risks of it? ;p

xo, much love

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