June 12, 2011

Currently watching to Haley Reinhart's and Scotty McCreery's stage performances when they were in American Idol. Man! They really have great voices!! I even have nothing else to comment but 'cool'. You guys really have to check their performances. Reaaallly!

From Haley, my favorites are:

Piece of My Heart

Bennie and The Jets

You Oughta Know

Rolling in the Deep

Gyay! Have you checked all of those videos? Know what do you think? She is cool, isn't she?

Now, from Scotty, my favorites are


Young Blood

She Believes in Me
(sumpah yang ini ngena banget aaa berasa lagi dinyanyiin)

I Love You This Big

Actually, I still have so many favorites from their stage performances. Tapi....nanti malah gue tulis semuanya lagi wkwk -_-

Ok then, see ya!


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