June 9, 2011

An Eater

Yes you are.

I don't know whether you have realized it or not, but I hope you've realized that what you've done is wrong.

Branded things are on your hands and in your storage, while the others are wearing dirty T-Shirts, without sandals.

Houses and apartments, are everywhere and they're all yours, while the others have no place to stay and nowhere to go.

You eat much and they eat nothing.

You sleep while your work time is still ticking and do nothing but cheating and go home when it's already the time, while the others can't go home before they get money to eat.

Sounds unfair and irritating, right?

Well yeah I mean, you know that what you did was wrong, don't you?
That makes me have some other questions for you,
'if u had known that it was wrong, why did you keep doing that?'
'didn't you feel afraid or worry while doing that?'
'how come you did that?'
'who suggested you to do that 'dirty' thing?'


I don't blame you--for all the blink blinks you have. Nobody either.
I just don't like the way you did to get those things.

I mean, just be honest.
Cause nowadays, honesty is like something that has been missing from everyone's heart.
Can you imagine if all people on this Earth are liars?
I don't know, but seems scary. Nobody wants that happen.

So, to prevent that, as what I've said. Be honest in doing everything.
Don't let honesty go from our deepest heart.

And justice. Is another thing we've been looking for.


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