June 30, 2011


Currently listening to their songs from album The Beginning. Well actually I don't know whether this is their new album or not cause actually I've just listened to it. And yeah you know, they were together plus Max and U-Know in DBSK. And how sad now DBSK is only Max and U-Know while Micky, Hero, and Xiah are in JYJ. I mean, it's just.....sad knowing that they're not in one group again. Honestly I prefer DBSK--with five of them. Percaya ga percaya (-_-), boyband korea pertama bgt yang gue suka itu ya DBSK ini. Udah dari kelas 5 SD! Hahaha makannya sedih aja pas tau kalo DBSK kepecah.

So, because my favorites in DBSK are Micky and Xiah, I felt curious about their new songs. Then Kartika copied me all of their songs that she has. And taraaaam! JYJ's songs are really lovely and good to be listened. Dan oh Tuhaaaan, Micky sama Xiah itu suaranya hot banget ya. Rasanya meleleeeh gitu denger suara mereka (lebay). Nih ya, Ada Ayyy Girl yang feat. Kanye West sm Malik Yusef. Menurut gue jatohnya jadi kayak lagu barat, bukan kayak lagu korea. But I love it!

Hmmm well, from 7 songs that I have listened, my favorites are:
1. Empty
2. Be My Girl
3. I Can Soar
4. Be The One

Then 3 other songs?
Well, they're really good. But for me, those 4 are the best from 7.

So go check out their songs and pick your favs!

Happy listening! ;)


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