August 21, 2011

I. Am. Back. This is what you've been waiting, eh? ;}

Fellas, I'm bacccckkkk!!!!
Back. back. back. back. *dancing

Well actually I haven't been anywhere. It's just have been so long that i haven't seen this blank box, waiting for me to fill it. Aaaah :'3
The thing is like this, I've been losing of my ideas!! I always get it everytime I take a shower and when I'm out, I lose em. You know what, it sucks.

And the 2nd thing is, this template is boring already. I've been searching for the good ones but nothing fits me yet. Do you know which site that has a lot of good blog templates?

Anyway, don't you worry guys, just forget all things that have been forgotten. Let's start some new wonderful stories all over again! I'll make a post later on. Mommy's asking to go out now. Bye guys. See you around!!

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