August 21, 2011

I've Made My Choice

So guys, considering that momma's still sleeping right now, let's just type quickly and shout lol.

Have you read this post? Yep that's the post when I was 'galau' about penjurusan. Now, I've made my choice lol and beside, i'm a senior already! Well it's been a month actually heheheh.

I chose IPS/social science. Lol yeah! So far, I'm really okay with the lessons, at least MUCH better than in the 10th grade. Thank God I don't have to stay with physics, chemistry, and biology. Lol.

But a problem, economy. Not a few times I feel sleepy in the middle of this class, maybe because of the xxxxxxx. Yep, a classic reason but that's true!

And uh....ah okay this bad thing happens again. I lose my ideas.

Let's just search another topic

AH! Bentar lagi lebaran~
I can't wait for holiday, oooh I really can't. School's boring already since last week. The worst thing is tomorrow. I have to go to school tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Asanjfsdjferajifjsdnfsdjkn.

Enuff, bye

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