November 18, 2011

SEA Games, to me

Wa e wa e o! Wa e wa e o!

Hula Indonesia!! How yall doin? Yall doin good? Awesome!!

I guess yall already know what jingle is that. Yep! That's the 26th SEA Games' jingle! Anyway I love the mascots, Modo and Modi. Those are Komodos right?
But to be honest, I THOUGHT they were LIZARDS. Thank God, they're not *sigh*

So guys, what do you think about this 26th SEA Games which is held in Indonesia?
Last week I watched the opening ceremony of this 26th SEA Games. Dunno what to say, the opening was so gr8t! It used the same technique like the opening/closing ceremony of the last World Cup in South Africa right? Honestly at that time it was hard to believe that the opening ceremony was really held in Indonesia. I mean, hey man, where have I been? Indonesia has got cool technologies right nowww!

But somehow I do wonder, how much rupiah has they spent only for the opening ceremony?
In one way, I really adored how cool the opening ceremony was. Maksudnya ga malu2in gituloh openingnya. But on the other side, how much has they spent only for this?? Look around you. Actually there are many people who deserve the rupiah more.
Well this is my opinion. Don't take it seriously..

Just forget about the opening ceremony

Anyway I got a week off during this SEA Games. And it's also makes me wonder, "why do we have to have a week off? what's the connection between SEA Games and the school? to reduce the traffics? i don't think so". Somebody, please answer these questions cause I haven't got the answer yet.
I mean, I'm glad to have a week off. I really am. But this just feels like we get a present which isn't dedicated to us.
Actually the thing is, man, the homeworks are killing me softly.
Why can't I just away from those things only for a week? Hellooo?! I even have to care about those things while I'm having my special present? Oh-kay.

By the way, I (was supposed to) watched Equestrian today. Why supposed to?
Jadiiii, my school got an invitation to watch Equestrian (almost like polo). We already had arrived at Cinere, where it was held. I was so lazy to watch it but suddenly I feel like a duchess, watching this kind of elite sport lol. By the way WE WATCHED those people who WERE DRIVING their horses. But how awful, WHAT WE HAD WATCH WAS ALL TRIAL. Makasibgtyah. Makasibgtloh..
Ternyata lombanya baru mulai jam 3. And we had arrived there at approx 9 o'clock. And I was already excited and suddenly those excited feelings gone from my body when I knew that they were only trying the field/lap/whatever. And we went home without watching the race. And the worst part was I arrived home as early as I could only to check if there's a tv station who would show the race from the beginning, but unfortunately there wasn't :(
Padahal we saw a handsome one loh dari Indonesia. And that's why I wanted to watch the race X)
Ah-nee-waih, I got 3 lil flags. But unfortunately I didn't get Indonesia. I got Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore....huft

Talking about SEA Games, gue seneng deh liat semangat bangsa Indonesia kalo lg ada SEA Games gini. Kayaknya tuh solid gitu yaa. Dari semua kalangan mensupport negaranya sendiri. Dari yg iklan, sms2, etc. And so do I. I do really support Indonesia to be the winner! Semoga Indonesia yg jd juara ya! I'm really happy to know that Indonesia has collected many medals and so far, Indonesia is in the 1st position. Good job Indonesia! Go go go go! Fight fight fight! Win win win!!!

Wa e wa e o! Wa e wa e o!



Anonymous said...

To be Honest. Indonesia has collected many gold medals from local sports not olympic sports. Let's see how many gold medal they can get from Asian game or Olympic games. They can't even rank in the top 3rd when seagame held in other country. Furthermore, Indonesia did hire professional from Australia to arrange the open ceremony. They didn't do by themself.

Anin♥ said...

well, Indonesia had collected many medals from olympic sports as well, such as badminton, swimming, and football. hopefully indonesia could make it again on the next SEA Games. :)