November 13, 2011

The thing in my mind

It's raining now.
I'm, as you can imagine, blogging.
I have my window room open now. Don't care it's raining outside. But the sound of rain and the smell of it is...peaceful. And warm. Well it's cold actually but I feel warm in my heart. Lol.

I actually don't know what I'm going to tell to y'all. I just wanna write. Well as you can see I've been away from this blog for such a long time. Sooo I'm kinda miss all of these things <3

*searching for some inspirations*

Anyway, Kartika was here. She told me that the girl I met at the debate competition yesterday was her friend who she was going to introduce her to me. Waw this world is real narrow sn't it?
Another 'this world is narrow' story goes from a friend of my mom's. Her son went to 99 shs too just like me! Meh~


I'm bored so I'm taking some photos from my webcam right now. Here are some of them! :3

ya think i'm cool?!

ini ga sengaja loh...

spell it! a-n-i-n


Mom found some old kebayas and asked me to try em. Lol

I know I'm way too narcissist.

Enough for this post.
Catch y'all l8r!!

My favorite one with my favorite style


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