November 12, 2011

This Week

This post is really like an e-diary to me. But, you are permitted to read this diary every time and everywhere :>

Should I say that this week is really a busy one? I guess, I should.
I don't know but this week was kinda tiring. I really had many things to do. Beside, homeworks and exams came all day in this week.

Well, that's already a duty of a student right?

Aaanyway, I joined a debate competition today. Well this competition was one of the reasons why I was really busy this week.
I, uh, first I (and 8 others) got a call from the vice headmaster last week. I knew nothing at that time AND i THOUGHT i had done something wrong so the vice headmaster called me. But thank God, that's not what he was going to say. Actually what he was going to say was about this debate competition. Lol, thank God.

To be honest, that was quite shocking to know that I was chosen to be one of the delegates from my school to join this debate competition. At first, like what I've told, there were 9 students who were chosen. And this competition only needed 3 students and the rest will be the supporters. I really didn't care to join this competition. Instead, I was going to talk to the teacher that I only wanted to be the supporters. But that before Andine came to my class and told me that I must join this. Wajeger.

I have to admit that we need more preparations. We were given the motion 2 days before we had to compete. That's not a good thing, that really wasn't. Beside, none of us--Andine, Uli, and myself--had ever joined such debate competitions before. Meh.

So, we surfed on the internet for the materials we need.

After the school ended, we had to practice. Ah, not after school actually, but before the school ended we had to practice or in other words, we got a dispensation from school.

Asking for a dispensation was not that easy. The vice headmaster of my school asked the consequences we will give because of leaving 2 subjects. And answering this question was really hard as well. So the 1st consq was, we won't miss the lesson or exercise from the teacher. And the 2nd was, we must win. We really were under pressure. Bbbbbhhh. To be honest, winning or losing in any competitions was not a matter to me. I saw it as a method of studying. But yeah, well, no comment.

So the 1st role went well to us with the motion, allowing corporal punishment at school and we stood for the contra team. I was maybe nervous so I completely tongue-tied yesterday. While waiting for her turn to do speech, Uli wanted to vomit. Okay this is really random, but she said that she wants to vomit every time she's nervous. Phew, Superhuft 2011 banget deh.

The 2nd role went well too eventhou a bit random. We got the motion about should Iran have their own nuclear power plant. Thank God, we won this again.

But the 3rd role didn't go as well as we thought. We got the motion about banning the use of physical torture in military operation which is, for myself, I wasn't really prepared for this motion cause it's hard for me to understand the meaning of the motion it is. Unfortunately, we lose in this 3rd role.

Being a winner and bringing the trophy for our school is the thing that we really want every time we join any competitions right? But the point isn't that, the point is that the experience we had. To be honest, I am proud of my team because none of us had ever joined any debate competition, but we could win 2 roles. Though we can't be the best, we already have done a good job.

Well, don't regret your failure. We may fail today, but tomorrow we're the winner.

God knows the best ;)


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