November 12, 2011

To: You

Dear you,

You may think that I don't have a right to stare at you every single time. Watchin you laugh and have a conversation with your friends or even watchin you alone and do nothing. But you know what? There's no law that forbids someone to stare at another.

You may have me nothing in your eyes
. You may think that I'm a geek who only disturbs your good day. But to me, you're an apple in my eye.

I may be dreaming to have you right here by my side. You may laugh if I tell this to you. You may think that I'm a freak. But, is it wrong for someone to have many dreams? I bet you have dreams that you want to make it happens someday, don't you?

I may have my heart beats so fast every time you near me, thou you don't feel what I feel.

I'm just trying to be honest to myself.
I miss feeling those things.

Quite random.

Your secret lover,

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