December 27, 2011

Efforts During the Holiday

Hula guys! How yall doin?
It's kinda big surprise because I'm having my holiday these 2 weeks!! Idk why but I always think that 2weeks aren't enough for holiday. I need...3 or 4 weeks. Well yeah, that's just what I wanna suggest to the government. '_,'

AAAAnyway. Nobody wants to be bored during the holiday, right?
And so am I.
I don't wanna be bored during the holiday. Only eat, sleep, eat, sleep, and always like that. So I've decided to make some plans with my friends. Like, hang out together, watch dvds, and city tour. But I ain't gonna use the whole 2weeks to play with my friends. I also need my time to chill myself at home, maybe just reading some novels, surfing on the internet or watching some dvds.

But there are some moodbreakers between those things.

Well yeah I always think that there's ALWAYS something that ruins our happiness in this life. In this case the moodbreakers are:

1. The movie

IF we want to do some dvd marathon to chill ourselves, we need the movies right? So one of my moodbreakers is here.
My dvd player is almost dying. Its work depends on its mood. Sometimes it can't be used, or sometimes not. When it doesn't want to work, it will show the text like "Err" on the LCD. means that the disc is error, while it's actually NOT. The problem is on the player! Or IF it wants to work, it only works at the beginning. In the middle of the movie, it will suddenly stop.
Well maybe you will suggest me to download some from the internet or maybe just rental.
Ok, here are my other problems.
a.) No dvd rental near my house :(
b.) It takes SOOOO LONG time to download it on the internet. Like now, I'm waiting till my downloading done and it's been more than 3 hours! Or maybe, as the connection suck, it will interrupt itself. GGGGAAA~HHH!!!

2. The Novels

I'm lack of new novels. All I have is the too-thick and boring and old novels :(

3. The Connection

As I've told you, the connection sucks. Especially on the end of the month like this >:O


Now, what? You have some suggestions for me about what to do during the holiday?


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