June 19, 2012

Stopping by..

Hi buddy how are you?! Hey, it's been a long time since I did the whole blogging thing. I'm thinking about redesigning this template. Need a new look xp

Anyway, how's your final exam, bud? Well yeah, I supposed to have 3 remedial subjects, but, thank God I didn't have to do those 3 subjects cause my score can be helped by my assignment scores. Hah...hopefully I won't get lower scores this semester. Amen.. The thing that bothers me so much is university, a place which mostly the high school graduated wanna continue their study. What I've been thinking is....will I be in the university I want? Will I have a chance to continue my study in jurusan which is same as my passion? I'm not a 3rd grader yet, but I've been thinking about it since I was a 1st grader. Oh God..persaingan semakin ketaat.

I'm also thinking about continuing my study outside my motherland, but...it's expensive okay. Sooo, I'm looking for a scholarship...do you want to offer me one? :3

Ah well, time goes so fast. I feel like I've just entered my high school, and now I only have 1 year left in high school...and I turn 17 on the 28th. I wonder how old I am now.. :")

Anyway let's just move to another topic. I'm on my way to Surabaya now. I'm on a train! Ahahah. Right now I'm in the middle of....woods, perhaps? All I can see is just high trees, and the train is stopping. I don't know why..

Anyway #2! I'm doing a project. I'm gonna tell it to you on my next post haha ;p Have a nice day! *toasting a cup of tea*


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