July 28, 2012

How Time Flies

I still remember the time when I was in the senior year of junior high school. Felt hard, yet now I realize that I didn't do my best. I didn't put all my hard works. I didn't leave the things which I should have left. I underestimated things, I should say. And in the end, I tried not to pull a long face. I tried to feel proud of myself, yet deep inside, I did not at all. I hate all the things I got that time. I should've got better. I felt like I really wanna reverse time and do it once again better. But I couldn't. Well, disappointment always comes after.

I blamed everyone. I blamed everything. Yet deep inside, I know that the one to blame was only me.
Once again, I hate the result I got, but I tried to be happy. I tried to feel proud.

Then I continued my life. I remember how I tried to make myself happy by searching the positive side of what I had got.

And I still remember the time I first entered the high school life. Still amazed by how the Monday-ceremony held.
Then I entered my new class, X-B. I remember how seniors taught me Lele Goyang and Teko Kecil. Two compulsory songs for the new students. How I hate the moves, lol.
After three days, we--new students, finally wore batik uniform.

And blah blah blah, time flied so fast til I passed to the 11th grade. And just like before, things were hard in the beginning. Not only the beginning, even in the middle of that step still felt so hard to me.

Zap! Now here I am. Officially a senior grade student. It really feels like yesterday I just entered my high school. I am few steps closer to my dreams (AMEN).

So, I'm wishing for everything best since now and on and on :)


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tour and travel disurabaya said...

aminn.. semoga selanjutnya jadi lebih baik yah..