July 22, 2012

Late Bday Report xp

Continuing to the previous post, this post is still about my birthday hahahh I celebrated my bday with my jhs gurls, lol actually that was me and tile's bday celebrations haha xp We ate at Warung Pasta. Finallyy, setelah ngidam sekian lama, I finally ate lasagna :9 oh God I want more hahahah. It was nice having my best girls around though it's not an expensive celebration like maybe most of teenagers who just turned 17 held. Haha. And hey! Guess whatt, I got mooore bday gifts! hahah i'm so happy, i never got this many before :")

That one is from Zain, my friend at Kompas Muda. No no, he's not Zayn Malik. He's...Zain Maling hahah :p Anyway I love the doll. It surprised me when he came with a big plastic and this doll in it while we were gathering. And poor him, he got bullied when he had just arrived by David, Fawwaz, and Kak Meutia! Lol

And these ones are from Indi, Kartika, Mus, Diba, Tile, Huda, Dian, and Cladya. Ilove you sooo much guys! Yall really know what I want. Fabric crayon! Hihihi mwach! And btw I know who wrapped thisss!!! Must be the alay, Huda! She wrapped it with many newspapers after she wrapped it with kertas kado. Emang alay banget dah satu ini -_- tapi tetep sayang kok hihihi <3

Akibat kelakuan si alay -__- 


And that cutie is from my ex-chairmate, the meanest bullier in the world, Nadira. She didn't want me to open it at school, I thought she put my worst pict inside the photo frame. But thank God, there's no such thing inside hihi. Kyaaa I really love love love it. She knows how much I love cat, and oh! can you see my name inside the cat's face? :3

And lastly, this one is from my twinnie, Kartika. Mentang2 dari Bali ya....ahaha thank you twinnieee! ({})

So that's all I've got for my bday gifts. Huge hugs for all of you guyss. Makasih banget yaa, kadonya nyenengin semua :') oh and I also thank you for those yg udah ngucapin. Receiving more than 100 wishes itu se-su-a-tu. Hahaha this really is the sweetest bday ever.

And BY THE WAY.......
THIS ONE IS THE MOST SPECIAL ONEEEE! HAHAHAHAHH X)))) The one I'd been waiting for the long time...finally on my hand now :D

So tell me how's your 17, or maybe 16, or maybe 15, or whatever :p


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