May 30, 2013

I'm so grateful

First of all I would like to thank God, cause without His miracle, I wouldn't make this post now..

God has answered all of my prayers. Alhamdulillah, I have reached my goals in this senior year of high school. I can finally make my dreams come. I can finally make my parents smile and so happy. I can finally make my sister scream and shout to express her happiness.

Yes, I'm officially graduated from high school and have been accepted in one state university I've been dreaming to continue my study at. It's Faculty of Psychology, University of Indonesia.

I kept praying to God because I really worried. Those bad feelings annoy me so much. I was afraid I couldn't pass the national exam because I felt like I didn't do my very best. I was afraid I couldn't reach my goal to continue my study in  one of state universities. But then again, thank God.

Alhamdulillah, God has given me the best result I've been wanting. All the hard works and efforts are paid now. Mulai dari ikut bimbel dari kelas 10, ikut bimbel di kelas 11 yang selalu diheran-herankan sama temen-temen because well, 11th grade is time to have fun right? haha but fortunately I still have my time to have fun and play! And also, yang suka bikin gue malu kalo ditanya bimbel di mana, gue selalu jawab dua nama bimbel yang gue ambil. Yep, I studied at two different bimbel di kelas 12 ini. Finally, keikhlasan Ayah dan Ibu yang nganter bimbel tiap Minggu pagi terbayarkan :") Alhamdulillah, Anin ga usah jauh-jauh ngekos..

Maaf Yah, Bu, kalo di rumah aku males banget belajar..sampe bikin ibu ngomel-ngomel terus gara-gara aku selalu ketiduran kalo lagi belajar :")

Thank God for everything. Everything You have given to me and my family
Thanks Dad and Mom, for all your patience and prayers..
Thanks Mbak Dira, for your support and prayers though you're far there..graduate soon and back here again soon!
Thanks to all my relatives for your prayers..I'm happy knowing that all of you are so happy..
Thanks to all my teachers, for teaching me and helping me in everything. Without you, we (students) are nothing..

Okay so now I want to show you some pics.

Ahaha that's my study table. Well, just look at the condition. How can't my mom be angry every time she sees it that way. Lol, i'll make it up later Mom..

Actually, I put some things that can motivate myself. Here are they

This is a motivating words I put right in front of my study table so that I can be more serious and conscious to reach that main goal. And Alhamdulillah, I'm so glad that I have reached this..

Another motivating thing I put on my wall. It's to get myself motivated to reach higher scores in the fifth semester.

It's written on the first page of my note. I wrote this when I was still in the 11th grade. 

This photo was taken in an event that was held by Faculty of Psychology in University of Indonesia. There was a photobooth that facilitated us to take some photographs with the yellow jacket, the thing that identify students of UI. InsyaAllah, I'll get mine soon :-)
I printed it and wrote some words on it. And after that I stick it on the wall, right in front of my study desk. To get myself motivated of course :-)

Well, those are the pictures I wanna show you. Ya Allah, semoga ini adalah awal dari segala kebaikan. Lancarkanlah segalanya Ya Allah. Amin :-)

Speechless. Only sujud syukur that I could do after seeing this.. 

Good luck to all of my friends who are still fighting to face the SBMPTN and other exams. I'm wishing all the best for all of you. Good luck and do your best! *big hug*


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