May 31, 2013

It's World No Tobacco Day, Everyone!

It sounds really good to me. Happy World No Tobacco Day!

Active smokers should know this and take some introspection to themselves. I mean, it's fine if you wanna smoke because perhaps you enjoy it so much. But you have to look around you. You shouldn't smoke in the public places.

I've ever had a bad experience with a smoker. He smoked INSIDE the public transportation. When I entered the 'angkot' I got the smoke blown to my face. And what came to my mind was, "Oh shi*, you make my acne grows faster! Can't you see em on my face?! sh**! I can't breathe!!! How can you be this stupid? Do you even have brain?!" and I tried to make the angriest face so that he could see me annoyed because of his stupid behavior. And I also added some coughs and waved my hands to make the smoke disappear. FORTUNATELY he saw me. Then he threw his cigar outside. OH PLEASE, DARI TADI KEK.

I hope active smokers know that the danger of smoking is not only for the active smokers. It even can be more dangerous to the passive ones. That's why the government made rules about the prohibition of smoking in the public places.

Smoking is not good, especially for your health. It can damage your lungs. It even can cause cancer. And also, you won't have good teeth, gums, and lips. Your teeth will turn to yellowish, dan juga bakalan bolong-bolong. It also can make your lips turn darker and even black. You know, it will ruin your look of course.

I know that quitting from smoking is hard because you have been used to it. There will be something missing if you don't smoke right? Well, I'm not telling the active smokers to quit smoking because it's all up to you. Because life is choices and you have chosen to keep smoking and I have no business in that. But what I hope is that the active smokers should know their place. Don't smoke everywhere you like. You should respect them who have chosen not to smoke. Don't they feel bad to the innocence?

Intinya, sesama manusia harus saling respect sih hehe. Well then, Happy World No Tobacco Day again everyone!

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