May 2, 2013

Mixed Feelings

Have you ever felt like you're so happy and you just don't know why you're happy, then you look around yourself and they don't seem as happy as you are?

Perhaps it's not that irritating.

This what may irritate you. You feel like you want to have everyone around because you feel so happy  and so excited so that you want to share it to people around you, but then when you look around, they seem so busy and have no time for you. They even look so happy even it's not without you.

Perhaps this can irritate you. You put your attention and affection to someone. You don't even want to hurt that person at all. But you got it all unpaid. It's not that you're begging for any recompense. It's like you want to know whether that person loves & cares about you or not. But knowing that will make you feel even lonelier.

This is another thing that may irritate you even more. You have made a plan and you have been waiting until that day to come. You've even prepared for everything and cancelled all upcoming plans that is held on the same date. But when the big day comes, it's all ruined and even cancelled just because of silly things. You can't scream. You can't shout. You can't get angry. Because you don't know to whom you should angry to.

Perhaps these are so annoying.

You want to do things that you love just to kill your free time, but then you can't do it freely. Then you decided just to leave.
You are so productive like you really want to throw it all on your mind but then your hands and body are so lazy to move or to do anything.
You're in class and you feel like you really want to study, but there comes the bright one that keeps talking like "man, how could these all be so easy?"

Oh, I think I'm having the PMS right now.

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