May 12, 2013

When Love Strikes a Teenager, Like Me

What do you know about love? I actually don't really know much about it. All I know, 'love' is a feeling of two persons who want to protect each other, being together forever, also sharing good times and even bad times together. Yeah, that's more or less I know about love.

People are so easy to fall in love. But they really hard to let it go when they have to.

Falling in love is like you're having a very good time in your life. Nothing's even better when you know that the one you love loves you back. Nothing's even better than knowing that he also glances at you every second. Nothing's even better than thinking all about him and his sweetness all the time. All you think is only him, him, and him.

Though love is beautiful, sometimes it still can hurt you. A love that you have been building can turn into pieces and break you apart. All the good things that ever happened even can't make you believe that your love can break. You can't believe that it's all over. No more him and his sweetness.

Though love sometimes hurts, people don't afraid of falling in love more. Just like elders say,"masih banyak ikan di laut". And that's how it goes. You won't get tired of falling in love until you find your perfect one.

Sometimes we fall in love with the one we never thought that he'd fall in love with us and so do we. But yeah, that's love. We can't predict who can own our heart in the future.

Yes, I'm falling in love.
I'm in love with a guy whom I never thought he'd be the one I'm in a relationship with.
A very good guy that you swear you don't wanna hurt him.
A good guy that always be good to everyone until at first I couldn't realize that to him, I was more special.

With him I can define the new meaning of love.

Love is when you want to be with him anytime and anywhere you can. Love is when you want him to always be around you even when distance matters, you still want to feel like he's still around. Love is when you want to love and be loved. Love is when you trust each other and want everything good for him/her.

I don't know. I may ever felt love this much before, even much more with somebody else. But I think, this one can even be more special. I really like this feeling. And I feel like I really love this guy and don't want to lose him /again/.

Well, the simplest thing about love, especially if you're a teenager is, every time your phone beeps, you really hope that it's him :)

Ah, I'm in my puberty..

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