August 2, 2013

Sudden post: Live Report from Daddy's Office

August 2, 2013. 3: 28 PM.
So here I am. Sitting in, I don't know whose desk it is. I'm following, oh well lets just say, accompanying my daddy to his office. He works at one TV Station which located in one mall in Senayan. Well, cos there's no one's home today -and yesterday, jadilah gue 'accompanying' my dad to his office. Not doing something fun here. Just sitting and browsing with my laptop (Thank God I brought this lovely one) and looking people busy with their work.

I feel like I wanna write something here but nothing shows up in my mind...well then I'll just describe you the situation here..

Quite many people here. Most of them are...typing. I don't know maybe they're making or editing some news. Right now, a man just turned on some lamps. It makes the place where I've been sitting, brighter. Near me there's a room where the news anchor shows up when hosting the news program. And yes the light goes from that room. Near the lamps there's a camera, of course to record the program. Ah, also there's something, I dont know what it's called. If you're the news anchor you can read the text from there. It's placed near the camera.

Behind this whole room there's a room, where screens and cables are inside. Well I havent been to that room (at least that's what i can see from where I'm sitting).

Oh there's the news anchor. He's wearing a yellow shirt, yellow tie, and a black blazer (not well used yet).
And then I can see a man who's going back and forth. He looks....i dont know, confused. Or maybe that's how he looks every time, lol. Also, there's a group of people, chatting. No, not girls. Grown ups. I don't know what he's talking about..

Behind where myself sitting, there's the boss room. LOL, the boss is inside so i call it the boss room. I can see many parcels there. Oh and I also can see the awards this news office has got.

Well, the crews are going into that studio room, and the news anchor is ready on his desk. Looks like they're starting the program live. Oh oh! Two women just added some extra powder to his face. Perhaps they were the make-up artists.

Okay this is the end of my report (oh wait i said i wanted to describe, so this is...a description text, is it?!). Have a good day, people!

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