Know Me More

Hello! My name is Anindita Keumalahayati Alkarisya. But just call Anin for short. Born in Jakarta, on June 28,1995.
I love joking, but not a few time I make the crunchy ones. I'm not really good at it but I really love jokes.

I love cats and dolls. Dunno why they're so cute (just like me).
Even I'm not the master (yet) of all of these things, but I do love listening to the music, writing, and drawing

And oh, don't you worry guys. I'm a good girl and a good friend. I can be your trash of stories. You can throw all stories you want, from the good ones or even the bad ones to me. Maybe I can help you to solve your problem? Lol.

Well then, happy reading and let's be friends! :-)

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